> And now, in Henry Stapp’s book I find the taboo laid out in plain view for 
> all to see. It’s dressed up as the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ and it’s been 
> adopted as a cult, which I will now outline by quotation: (see page 11).
> “Let there be no doubt about this point. The original form of quantum theory 
> is subjective, in the sense that it is forthrightly about relationships 
> amongst conscious human experiences, and it expressly recommends to 
> scientists that they resist the temptation to try to understand the reality 
> responsible for the correlations between our experiences that the theory 
> correctly describes.

The copenhagen interpretation is just one of several ways of thinking about QM, 
though. Other interpretations, like the many-worlds interpretation or the Bohm 
interpretation, do try to come up with a model of an underlying reality that 
gives rise to the events we observe empirically. Of course, as long as these 
different models of different underlying realities don't lead to any new 
predictions they can't be considered scientific theories, but physicists often 
discuss them nevertheless.
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