Lewis Carroll Epstein says the reason we can't go faster than light is that we 
can't go slower than light, c is our speed along the time axis.


Günther Greindl wrote:
> Abram,
> an intuition I have come to concerning time is the following (it is only 
> qualitative and may or may not be helpful in thinking about time):
>  From relativity theory we know that there is no universal now, and that 
> the invariant between two "points" in the physical universe is spacetime 
> distance, where time or space are interchangeable relative to different 
> (moving) observers.
> Now let us for the moment go into the position of an observer 
> (ourselves, for instance).
> space: is the dimensions over which I have control as a thinking 
> subject. I can move left, right, up, down, front, back - three 
> dimensions. I can consciously change my relation to other objects (which 
> continue on their trajectories through spacetime).
> time: is the motion of all other objects in the universe in relation to
> myself - even some objects of which I am made of, say, the cells in my
> body (which divide etc), bloodstream etc.
> So we see a first person/third person divide:
> space as the self moving in relation to everything else,
> time as everything outside the self moving in relation to
> oneself.
> So, in this sense, time and space are indeed very much alike - they just 
> represent different points of view (self vs otherness)
> Just a few thoughts :-)
> Best Wishes,
> Günther
> > 

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