Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> 2009/1/10 Brent Meeker <>:
>>> Consider a simulation of an observer watching a falling stone, running
>>> on a digital computer. Does the observer have any way of knowing
>>> whether the simulation is being run serially, in parallel, on how many
>>> and what kinds of physical machines, at what speed, or in what order?
>> Is the observer conscious of a passage to time?
> Yes,but of course it won't be real or external time of which he will
> be conscious. In a block universe, there isn't necessarily any real or
> external time. Whether you call the internal time of the simulation or
> block universe "real" is a matter of taste.

The question is how is the simulated observer made conscious of the passage of 
(simulated) time.  If you just look a momentary machine states, ignoring their 
causal/temporal relations, how will they create the consciousness of time in 
simulated observer?


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