Hi Bruno,

> I don't understand what you mean by computations being infinitely far  
> away. In the UD deployment, which I will wrote UD*, all computations  
> begins soon or later (like all dominoes falls soon or later in the  
> infinite discrete dominoe-sequences). All computations reach any of  
> their relative computational state soon or later always after the UD  
> makes a finite number of steps.
 > Hmmm... The phrasing "reconstitution at infinity" does not make sense,
 > I think. All reconstitutions are done after a finite number of steps
 > of the UD. But you are right that for (the third person description)
 > of the first person probable experience we have to take into account
 > the infinite union of the computations going through the relevant
 > state. The reals appears here and now, because they are generated at
 > the limit, as a infinite union of finite computations, or finite
 > pieces of infinite computations.
 > OK. But it is the union which is infinite. The reconstitution can be
 > numbered (by a God).

Yes, I see we agree - my fault. I meant the infinite union of 
computations - maybe "rec. at infinity" was a bit dramatic way of 
speaking - the way you put it is clearer.


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