My understanding is that the set of possible histories and future at any
point are made up of eigenstates - and that the way a system splits into
eigenstates is dependent upon the question you ask it. For example, it may
split into momentum/position eigenstates, or along some other conjugal
framework. Essentially, we can only extract a certain amount of information
from a system, and what that information is depends upon what we ask.

To me, this implies that we are only capable of seeing an abstracted layer
of another system - that something about the mechanism of consciousness
forces this perspective. And this presents two possiblities according to
whether we are 'above' or 'below' that system. If we are above it, then it's
like thermodynamics - we are asking macrostate questions about a system of
microstates. If we are below, then we are inflicting a discretisation upon a
continuous system. Either consciousness combines, or it splits. Maybe.

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2009/1/17 fragamus <>

> I would like to ask the board:
> Are ALL possible quantum histories realized in the multiverse?
> Is the number of possible histories infinite, or merely a
> fantastically large and growing number?
> I don't like infinity so I'm hoping you say no.
> >

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