2009/2/23 John Mikes <jami...@gmail.com>:
> Stathis,
> I usually appreciate the wisdom in your posts. Now I have a retort:
>>"...What I find incoherent is the idea
> that the psychological properties might be able to be duplicated but
> nevertheless there is no continuity of identity because the soul
> cannot be duplicated."<
> If you accept the topic (to be discussed) of the unidentifiable imaginary
> "soul", than you have to accept that "IT"(???) can be duplicated as well.
> Once we are in Wunderland we are in Wunderland.

I don't believe in the soul so perhaps someone who does can comment
(Tom Caylor?): is it that it can't be copied at all, i.e. not even God
could make a soul-copying teleporter, or is it just that it can't be
copied via physical means?

> And if "you find yourself there" you have no notion of your destoyed
> identity "here" and you  A R E the copied fake (I call it 'fake', because it
> is extracted from your 'here'-relations which constitute the essential
> content of your identity. The "there" YOU is either another one with
> relations to the "there" circumstances or a fake replica of what you were
> 'here' (and have no knowledge (memory) of it. Or is the duplicate homesick?

By that argument you could also say you are a copied fake of the John
of a year ago, since most of the matter in your body has been

Stathis Papaioannou

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