I tried Salvia for the first time yesterday.  Very similar to
dreaming, but more intense, with a lot more sounds.

At first I thought, "Nothing's happening".  Then I thought, "I seem to
be about to slide sidewise...I need to stop".

Then, I was sitting somewhere...in a tilled field I think, and I
couldn't remember who I was.  Then I thought, someone's going to be in
trouble...I need to tell my sister.

Then, for the next 30 minutes it was 1978, and I was in Arkansas, and
I was a kid again.

Every now and then I'd think, "What's going on???  Did I take

But I could never remember for sure.  A couple of times I would think
of the Salvia extract, but I couldn't remember if it was just
something I'd heard of, or if I'd actually used it.  And I'd decide,
"Nah, couldn't be salvia...reality doesn't work that way.  That would
be like magic."

After about 30 minutes of dreaming it was 1978, and I was 7, and in
Arkansas,  I came to enough to look at the clock, and I remember
thinking, "It didn't work..."

THEN, I was underwater looking up towards the surface, and there was a
giant squid passing over me.

About 20 minutes later, I got up and starting writing up what I'd
seen, but I was still drifting in and out, like I was having day-
dreams.  And they were still about Arkansas 1978, but it was like I
was there, and there was a plan, and I was part of it.  Something was
about to happen, and I was like part of a group that knew about it.

Over the next hour the day-dreams stopped, and within 2 hours of
starting it was over.

Very interesting.

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