On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 10:03:41AM +1000, Kim Jones wrote:
> Why would someone's IQ rating be a recommendation of anything about  
> them?
> People like Langan long ago fell into the "Intelligence Trap". They  
> have an exaggerated need to be "right" about everything all the time.  
> They are usually unable to think about anything from a perspective  
> other than the one they long ago decided was the "right" perspective.
> They don't know how to listen to others. They are usually unable to  
> restructure the available information in such a way that they can draw  
> new perspectives from it. Please do not extoll the virtues of anything  
> as anachronistic and mythical as somebody's supposed "high IQ". I  
> could put a thinking test in front of him that would defeat him  
> totally, yet be easily done by a 7 year old.
> Kim Jones

Exactly to all of the above. And it was kind of my point about the use
of doing PhDs. I didn't write the statement below (note the two levels
of quoting), rexallen314 did.


> On 31/05/2009, at 9:16 AM, russell standish wrote:
> >> Obviously the main reason to pay much attention to it is that Langan
> >> has an IQ of between 190 and 210.  Which kept me going past the first
> >> paragraph, which is when I would otherwise have stopped.

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