On Tue, Jun 02, 2009 at 07:45:22AM -0700, ronaldheld wrote:
> Bruno:
>    Since I program in Fortran, I am uncertain how to interpret things.
>                                       Ronald

Maybe if he said Fortran IV or Fortran 66, it might have made the
point clearer. I know guys who still program in Fortran 66. The rest
of us have moved on ... Fortran 95 is not a bad language to program in
for instance - and 2003 has some interesting features, although I don't
know of any freely available compilers.

Personally, I went C++ in the early 90s because g++ was available and
the equivalent for Fortran 90 was not (gfortran  or g95 arrived by
about 2000 IIRC).


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