Forgive me in advance if this has been covered adequately before in
the list, but the following occurs to me with respect to 'Bostrom'
style assessments of where I should expect my 'current' OM to be
situated with respect to the total population of OMs in which I exist.

Presumably, I should expect that my current awareness of my 'life-
stage' will be characteristic of those OMs with the highest
'measure' (a concept upon which I think I have at least a vague grasp
in this context).  Ostensibly, taking into account the various points
at which I die off, one would expect that the highest such measure
would be characteristic of a later life-stage rather than an earlier,
taken across all branches in which I exist. Indeed, I don't recall
ever having been any older!

However, assuming the co-existence of all OMs (i.e. where 'time
doesn't actually 'unfold'), should I expect ever to find myself
conscious of an OM of lower measure?  What does this say about my
ostensibly conscious past experiences (i.e. those putatively
representing OMs of lower measure)?  Should I conclude that 'from here
on' in terms of life-stage my survivors are on average becoming rarer
and that consequently on the basis of measure I shouldn't expect to
experience getting any older?  In this case, does it further imply
that the experience of quantum immortality would make sense only in
terms of some sort of 'real' time-line along which I could expect to
actually experience an extended 'tail' of surviving conscious moments
regardless of their measure?

I'm definitely confused.

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