Hi Bruno,
                   I'm not clear on the sentence in bold below, especially the 
word "correspondingly". The example of Mister X only confuses me more. Could 
you please give some simple examples? Thanks,
                                        marty a.

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    And then we have seen that such cardinal was given by 2^n. 
  You can see this directly by seeing that adding an element in a set, double 
the number of subset, due to the dichotomic choice in creating a subset 
"placing or not placing" the new element in the subset.

  Likewise with the strings. If you have already all strings of length n, you 
get all the strings of length n+1, by doubling them and adding zero or one 

  This is also illustrated by the iterated self-duplication W, M. Mister X is 
cut and paste in two rooms containing each a box, in which there is a paper 
with zero on it, in room W, and 1 on it in room M. After the experience, the 
'Mister X' coming out from room W wrote 0 in his diary, and the 'Mister X' 
coming out from room M wrote 1 in his diary. And then they redo each, the 
experiment. The Mister-X with-0-in-his-diary redoes it, and gives a Mister-X 
with-0-in-his-diary coming out from room W, and adding 0 in its diary and a  
Mister-X with-0-in-his-diary coming out from room M, adding 1 in its diary: 
they have the stories 




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