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> (b) is not a claim of truth or falsehood. It is a claim that the very
> idea of <Sa> ever proposing COMP (= doubting that COMP is true) is
> impossible. This is because it is a formal system trying, with a fixed,
> formal set of rules (even self modifying according to yet more rules) to
> construct statements that are the product of an informal system (a human
> scientist). The very idea of this is a contradiction in terms. The
> formal system is 100% deterministic, unable to violate rules. When it
> encounters a liar it will be unable to resolve what falsehood is being
> presented. It requires all falsehoods to be a-priori known. Impossible.
> How can a formal system encounter a world in which COMP is actually
> false? If it could, COMP would be FALSE! If COMP is true then it can't.
> Humans are informal....ergo we have some part of the natural world
> capable of behaving informally....=> GOTCHA!

Nope. Fuzziness (fuzzy logic) and inconsistently (paraconsistent
can be modeled formally.

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