Dear Bruno,

Let me answer a few of your remarks.

> Nobody knows logic. Marijuana illegality, and the whole prohibition  
> politics are based on error in the most elementary part of logic. And  
> formal logic, a branch of mathematics, is virtually known only by  
> professional logicians.

I think that a fair amount of people has a notion of Aristotelian
logic, at least from high school. For me the most intriguing part was
the concept of G*. I will look into your paper for more!

> A machine is self-referential if it asserts something about itself.  
> Imagine a robot saying "I have five legs".
> But that machine can be non self-referentially correct. Imagine that  
> the machine has six legs.

Since you were talking of a self-referential machine in relation to
the divine intellect, and later on you elaborated on the idea of the
"introspective universal machine" and the "universal machine" I didn't
assume you were thinking of an external observer being able to
determine if the assertions made by the machine are correct or not.
Now that you have explained it to me, it makes much more sense, thank

> "Tron" is also the title of an early movie introducing the notion of  
> virtual environment. A key notion in mechanist philosophy.

I remember the movie. A forerunner to Matrix?

> I guess you mean the number 137.
> I am a but skeptical with the coincidences, theoretical statistics  
> shows that they are more numerous that our intuition accounts for.

You are completely right. The number is 137. My mind has been playing
kabbalistic games with me, reshuffling the order.

Yours truly,

Rabbi Rabbit

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