On 7/25/2010 5:19 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:
As Jason pointed out below, you must take the software + hardware as a whole like in the chinese room argument. If the chinese room room was running a conscious program, consciousness wouldn't be in the man acting on the symbols nor in the rules book... Like Bruno says, consciousness supervenes on all functionnaly equivalent computations (there is an infinity of them, ie: you have an infinity of possible implementations of the same computation). If consciousness was supervening on hardware your argument would stand... but it would work the same for a human brain.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood Jason's message. Thank you for making me see that.

Consciousness is a high level phenomena, it does not exists in parts taken separately. You won't find consciousness in a neuron nor you'll find it in an atom of a human being.

Information integration like what you're talking about only exists at a high level of information processing... So likewise, if you have a conscious program, you won't find consciousness as a subroutine.

Thank you for your reply. I see I've been confused about multiple things. Your explanations were helfpul!


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