Hi Bruno,

        My thought is to look at the transformation group around which some
property is invariant to act as a generator of the properties of the, say,
quark. For simple numbers this would be a permutation over fields, one field
per number, but this seems to not really resolve the question entirely. It
makes me suspicious of the entire Platonic program, for what would act as
the universal generator of "twoness" as distinguished from "threeness" be
in-itself? Why not some kind of nominalism that transforms asymptotically
into universalism? 
        BTW, I really enjoyed reading your SIENA paper. My only comment on
it is that I wish you would elaborate more on the diamond^alpha t aspect
because that is where plurality obtains.


Stephen P. King

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The mystery is solved when you understand that consciousness
(immaterial) is a necessarily existing inference of machines
(immaterial)  observing themselves, and that quarks and bombs are their
constructs/filtration. Probably the quarks are much common in any Löbian
observable (physical) reality, given that they come from quantum phenomena
already build by the Löbian machines (infinitely more common in the
arithmetical multi-dreams than humans).
The only mystery which remains is the qualia of the natural numbers itself,
but this one is enough to explain why it is not humanly, nor Löbianly,

So everything, including a mystery, fit together nicely. And consciousness
has a role: that reality-inference speed up the processes deepening our
histories. The stability and persistence of observable reality needs that
consciousness filtration.



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