We're talking about a mathematical theory about E.

silky wrote:
On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 12:03 AM, Brian Tenneson <tenn...@gmail.com> wrote:


One way to describe something, a real basic way to describe something,
is to form an aggregate of all things that meet that description.
There may be no effective procedure for deciding whether or not A is
in that aggregate, whatever.  The point is that that is one way to
describe something.
Thus reality basically describes itself.
Reality is an aggregate and as such is a TOE, a complete description
of reality.
But that is the trivial "TOE". You are saying "take the territory for
That is all I need to show that a TOE exists.  It's a trivial, brutal
proof. Not elegant, I know.

Reality is the E of TOE. What's the point of calling it a TOE? You
can't use it for anything. the "TO" part implies that we understand
it. We don't understand of all reality, so we can't use all its
properties to make predictions, so it's not useful for us as a
"theory" and I don't see it as correct or appropriate to refer to it
as such.

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