QUANTUM Don N. Page †
Theoretical Physics Institute
Department of Physics, University of Alberta
Room 238 CEB, 11322 – 89 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G7
(2011 Feb. 25)
Sensible Quantum Mechanics or Mindless Sensationalism is a framework
for relating consciousness to a quantum universe. It states that each con-
scious perception has a measure that is given by the expectation value of a
corresponding quantum “awareness operator” in a fixed quantum state of the
universe. The measures can be interpreted as frequency-type probabilities
for a large set of perceptions that all actually exist with varying degrees of reality, so detailed theories within this framework are testable. The measures are not propensities for potentialities to be actualized, so there is nothing
indeterministic in this framework, and no free will in the incompatibilistic
sense. As conscious perceptions are determined by the awareness operators
and the quantum state, they are epiphenomena. No fundamental relation is
postulated between different perceptions (each being the entirety of a single conscious experience and thus not in direct contact with any other), so SQMor
MS, a variant of Everett’s “many-worlds” framework, is a “many-perceptions”
framework but not a “many-minds” framework.

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