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> http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1102/1102.5339v1.pdf
> Don N. Page
> Theoretical Physics Institute
> Department of Physics, University of Alberta
> Room 238 CEB, 11322 89 Avenue
> Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G7
> (2011 Feb. 25)
> Abstract
> Sensible Quantum Mechanics or Mindless Sensationalism is a framework
> for relating consciousness to a quantum universe. It states that each con-
> scious perception has a measure that is given by the expectation value of a
> corresponding quantum awareness operator in a fixed quantum state of the
> universe. The measures can be interpreted as frequency-type probabilities
> for a large set of perceptions that all actually exist with varying
> degrees of
> reality, so detailed theories within this framework are testable. The
> measures
> are not propensities for potentialities to be actualized, so there is
> nothing
> indeterministic in this framework, and no free will in the incompatibilistic
> sense. As conscious perceptions are determined by the awareness operators
> and the quantum state, they are epiphenomena. No fundamental relation is
> postulated between different perceptions (each being the entirety of a
> single
> conscious experience and thus not in direct contact with any other), so
> SQMor
> MS, a variant of Everett s many-worlds framework, is a many-perceptions
> framework but not a many-minds framework.

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