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Jesse: I think that would be the alternative to spacetime substantivalism known as "relationalism" (discussed in some of the papers I linked to), it's certainly possible as well, I think if we had a complete theory of quantum gravity it might naturally favor one or the other (the way the relativity of simultaneity naturally favors eternalism over presentism) even though it might not totally settle the issue for philosophers.

# See also papers like this http://www.arxiv.com/abs/quant-ph/0510090 and especially any solution (point 4 of the paper) of the quantum liar problem.

http://a-c-elitzur.co.il/site/siteArticle.asp?ar=71 and http://a-c-elitzur.co.il/site/siteArticle.asp?ar=203 where the quantum liar is explained, and http://a-c-elitzur.co.il/site/siteArticle.asp?ar=68


I am very familiar with Elitzur's papers! The quantum liar situation is something that I should have mentioned because it creates severe problems for any form of substantivalism.

Let me add this paper http://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0503149v1 that argues "Deutsch and Hayden have proposed an alternative formulation of quantum mechanics which is completely local. We argue that their proposal must be understood as having a form of `gauge freedom' according to which mathematically distinct states are physically equivalent. Once this gauge freedom is taken into account, their formulation is no longer local".



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