Thought you all might get something out of this:

I’m not so familiar with some of these concepts, so this is more of me
trying to understand them for the first time than an attempt to relate
something that I think I’ve already made sense of, so please excuse
any gross misunderstandings.

Reproduction can be thought of as a strategy for cheating entropy.
It’s a way of accumulating invariance over time through variation and
accumulating variation through invariance across space. Something
‘improbable’ like a species of cat can have it’s definition of catness
extended (or feline phenomes) through variations on it’s theme.
Something like a rock is relatively probable so it’s ubiquity
literally compensates for it’s lack of evolution. Reproduction is a
way for improbable structures to sustain their essential qualities as
a bulwark (or bastion) against the waveform cancellation of entropy.
This is the engine of significance itself.

Going back to my etymological riffs on wag and wegh, there is a notion
of motion which cancels itself out (by waving, weaving, wagging, or
rocking back and forth) verses energy that nets some sort of forward
progress. Wegh - to move along a path or road, to weigh as in carry
something down a path, also to wake or watch, to attend, which relates
to tend and tendon, nerve and fiber. There is an amazing thread (also
a fiber) in here which unites the literal mechanics of electromagnetic
frequency and power with figurative experiential dynamics - relaxing
to sleep (rocking the cradle) versus a sort of pulling oneself
together to become aware (waking up).

There is a relation here of one to many (relaxation into sensory
ambiguity and self annihilation) and many to one (contracting the
oneself into a coherent and telegraphically self propelled motive. You
figure out what you need to do and in what order. You attend to
things. You watch and worry. You carry this burden of significance,
the investment of a lifetime into action in the now.

If you have a quantum wave function by itself, half of it’s possible
states cancel out the other half (is that sort of right?). When you
have multiple quantum wave functions, you have possibilities of
unequal probabilities, as each waveform interacts with the others such
that they share overlapping commonalities and do not share other
underlapping possibilites. The intersection of possible states
constrains a probability set to a finite value within that set, the so
called waveform collapse, which makes the difference between
unrealized probability (or superposition) and realization.

Maybe the process of narrowing a range of possibility to a range of
probability is the figurative extension or ‘potential energy’ of the
literal realization, which would be what we call kinetic energy or ‘a
change event perceived as ‘happening’ now’. Somehow this all has to do
with differential vs integral calculus and the one to many vs many to

Sensory input pulls wholes from the holes - that is, it qualitatively
extracts one (rich, deep, complex) gestalt experience at a time from
many quantitatively separate experiences, thus compressing events and
leapfrogging the spatiotemporal separations between them. It pulls
together our world.

Motive output pushes holes through the whole. It exploits
possibilities and chooses how and when to project energy in the form
of effort or work; power. It compresses the sense of the self and it’s
relation to it’s niche to yield a productive force for the interests
of the self, or that which qualifies as significant to the self.

What is left uncancelled after quantum waveforms collide again and
again represents a sequence of invariance - a souvenir or record of
the string of events which survived the whips and scorns of time; the
life that has cheated death. Rocks don’t play the death game, so they
never accumulate the same kind of significance that living organisms
do. Biology accumulates significance more effectively because it
submits itself again and again to extinction. Extinction of the
individual self and the species. It takes a risk and the survivors get
the reward (or suffer the consequences of having their significance
devalued by the competitors)

Evolution then is how significance compensates for an improbable event
to even out the playing field against the entropic negation of the
probable. Evolution is the method of significance and significance is
the purpose of evolution - but they are not the same thing. Evolution
is a passive teleonomy of circumstance. Chance and mutation.
Meaningless clots in the stream of entropy. Significance is the
victorious feeling of life over death, signal over noise, good over
evil, quality over quantity, rebels over empire, and on and on.

It is the growth of subjective, sensorimotive perception over ‘time’.
This defines what life or consciousness is as much as any objective
measure of reproduction or energy seeking, although reproduction is of
course the primary strategy of achieving significance, but it does so
by flooding the market with insignificance as well. Extinction can
come through collapse of an ecological niche driven by reproductive
success too, so it’s a double edged sword.

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