While the comments made here make interesting and amusing reading the
underlying rationale of COMP as an attempt to resolve the mind-body
problem which worried earlier philosophers is, in my view fatally
flawed. Here are some of the main reasons:

1.  There is no longer a "mind-body problem". Objective current
understandings of physics, chemistry and biology easily dispel the
mystical notions previously associated with consciousness.  As long as
we take care to avoid the trap of introspection with its attendant
self-referential recursive loops we can now see that this feature,
which happens to be greatly hypertrophied  in our species, is merely
an extension and enhancement of the navigational facility seen in most
animals.  The degree of sophistication being a result natural
selection to permit optimal interaction of the organism with its
Which in our case, of course is extraordinarily high.

2. The language of mathematics has evolved to handle more efficiently
the relatively simple situations not requiring the high levels of
abstraction found in the natural languages. The latter are, for the
most part, more appropriate for complex disciplines such as chemistry
and particularly biology. A tree, for instance, or a cell, defies
mathematical description. Only for the simpler aspects of these
disciplines does mathematics play a minor (but nevertheless valuable
part) as an adjunct.
For this reason, mathematics would not be a good contender for the
solution of the "mind-body problem" even if it still had any

3. Even in those areas where mathematics is most valuable we must bear
in mind that, like all languages, it is capable of generating
fictions. Most importantly, of the multitudinous mathematical models
that can be envisaged, only a small subset correspond to empirical
reality. For example, any number of dimensions can be handled within
mathematics yet only the three of space and one of time have, as yet,
been observed. Science has found no straight lines or points in our
It is the failure to recognize these inherent limitations which, to
me, appear to inspire much of the contention in the above discussions
of this topic.

A treatment of consciousness and related issues is provided within the
context of a broad evolutionary model which extends beyond biology in:
"The Goldilocks Effect: What Has Serendipity Ever Done For Us?" (free
download in e-book formats from the "Unusual Perspectives" website)

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