On Jan 23, 11:25 pm, Russell Standish <li...@hpcoders.com.au> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 05:20:28AM -0800, Craig Weinberg wrote:
> > Besides, any such quantitative measure does not take sequence into
> > account. A book or file which is completely scrambled down to the
> > level of characters or pixels has the same quantity of entropy
> > displacement as the in tact text. To reduce information to quantity
> > alone means that a 240k text file can be rearranged to be 40kb of
> > nothing but 1s and then 200kb of nothing but 0s and have the same
> > amount of information and entropy. It's a gross misunderstanding of
> > how information works.
> > Craig
> Rearranging the text file to have 40KB of 1s and 200KB of 0s
> dramatically reduces the information and increases the entropy by the
> same amount, although not nearly as much as completely scrambling the
> file. I'd say you have a gross misunderstanding of how these measures
> work if you think otherwise.

All this time I thought that you have been saying that entropy and
information are the same thing:

   >>"This suggests to me that a molecule of DNA belonging to a
kangaroo could
   >> have no more information than the same molecule with the primary
   >> scrambled into randomness

       >That is correct, it would have the same quantity of
information, but most
       >would be of the opinion that the quality has changed.

If you are instead saying that they are inversely proportional then I
would agree in general - information can be considered negentropy.
Sorry, I thought you were saying that they are directly proportional
measures (Brent and Evgenii seem to be talking about it that way). I
think that we can go further in understanding information though.
Negentropy is a good beginning but it does not address significance.
The degree to which information has the capacity to inform is even
more important than the energy cost to generate. Significance of
information is a subjective quality which is independent of entropy
but essential to the purpose of information. In fact, information
itself could be considered the quantitative shadow of the quality of
significance. Information that does not inform something is not


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