Below there is a message from Facebook where his author briefly describes a book with papers about Libet's experiment. I guess that this should be useful for discussions about free will.


Review :Conscious Will and Responsibility: A Tribute to Benjamin Libet

The editors of this work are well-chosen. Walter Sinnot-Armstrong is a well known philosopher who in the past has shown a healthy scepticism towards many philosophical views on time and free will. Lynn Nadel is a psychologist who specializes in memory, and has, for example, investigated the role of the hippocampus in memory formation.

This all implies careful selection of current work on the Libet problem, sometimes known in the vernacular as the "Libet half-second".

My own interests are less in the immediate moral or ethical implications of Libet's findings, but more deeply into how Libet's discovery can and has affected current ideas on the mind, and on what the actual mechanisms are. The important results of Banks and Isham, of Hallett, Haynes, Haggard and Pockett, and of many other present day luminaries are discussed in some detail, often by the authors themselves.

For anyone who wants to learn recent work on the Libet problem, many of the answers are in this book,which can reasonably be recommended to any appropriate advanced student and to good libraries for reference. Clearly the very latest papers, such as the most recent work of Isham and Geng, may not have had time to appear, and a few people like Lau and Mukamel are not actual authors here but some of their results are referred to therein.

My own studies, which allow tensed as well as tenseless time, do also relate to the work of other authors like Adamatzky, Elze, Super and Romeo, but then I have a slightly different slant on the subject, as referred to in my recent work in my website and my Facebook group and of course my new book on physics, neuroscience and time: details, reviewers

This book is highly recommended to anyone interested in philosophy, neuroscience and particularly in the Libet half-second at an advanced scientific level.

Dr. John Yates, Institute for Fundamental Studies, Goa, Mumbai and London.

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