Bruno wrote:
*"Provable depends on the theory. If the theory is unsound, what it proves
might well be false.*
*And if you trust the theory, then you know that "the theory is consistent"
is true, yet the theory itself cannot prove it, so reality is larger that
what you can prove in that theory.*
*So in any case truth is larger than the theory. Even when truth is
restricted to arithmetical propositions. Notably because the statement "the
theory is consistent" can be translated into an arithmetical proposition.*
*Bruno" *
Thanks, Bruno, for the wise words*.*

Your usage of "Theory"  is flexible enough and so is Reality.
The point I take exception is the "translated" which is not "identical"
only an excerpt applicable within the other language to be translated into:
in this case into arithmetic. My agnosticism allows(?) logic and
contemplation BEYOND arithmetic and so such translation is Occam's razor to
me. As you expressed it correctly: ("when truth is restricted"). In my
views we are not capable (as of yesterday) to state The Truth, the whole
Truth and Nothing But The Truth (ha ha).
Nor, what many call: Reality (of the infinite complexity as my belief
system calls it). I dunno.
John M

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