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> Hello!
> Just watched this google presentation done by a software engineer that
> has done lots of reading on QM and QIT. He practically says that
> entanglement is akin to measurement and he presents a experiment (not
> undertaken yet and that involves some kind of quantum erasement using
> polarisation filters) that would prove faster than light
> communication.
> I've searched the net. He seems not to be a nut. He denies that the
> Copenhagen Interpretation is the correct one for describin reality and
> he supports zero-worlds interpretation (quantum information theory,
> we're all entangled qbits) as his prefered one; he doesn't deny
> multiverse theories might be a valid explanation also.
> Here si the video:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEaecUuEqfc&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLui4mNA-D-4wLpBTVqkii9g
> I've found his video interesting because there are some similiarities
> between Russell Standish's bitstrings from the multiverse and the
> entangled qbits that Ron Garret's is talking about.
> What do you think about Ron Garret's video? Is it all just information
> in a cosmic computer where physical reality is an illusion? Or does
> even my question make sense in a quantum world?


I just finished watching the video.  I found it fascinating.  I liked when
he said that we can say there are 0-physical universes, or many, but the
idea that there is one (Copenhagen Interpretation) is untenable.  It then
becomes a matter of taste whether we say there are zero or many, as the
math is consist with each.

It sounds like his zero-universe idea is a lot like the many-minds
interpretation.  His philosophical conclusions (which begin here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEaecUuEqfc&t=53m22s ) very much reminded
me of Bruno's theory.  I wonder what he would say regarding the idea of
Comp, he is after all a computer scientist and not a physicist.


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