Just watched this google presentation done by a software engineer that
has done lots of reading on QM and QIT. He practically says that
entanglement is akin to measurement and he presents a experiment (not
undertaken yet and that involves some kind of quantum erasement using
polarisation filters) that would prove faster than light

I've searched the net. He seems not to be a nut. He denies that the
Copenhagen Interpretation is the correct one for describin reality and
he supports zero-worlds interpretation (quantum information theory,
we're all entangled qbits) as his prefered one; he doesn't deny
multiverse theories might be a valid explanation also.

Here si the video:

I've found his video interesting because there are some similiarities
between Russell Standish's bitstrings from the multiverse and the
entangled qbits that Ron Garret's is talking about.

What do you think about Ron Garret's video? Is it all just information
in a cosmic computer where physical reality is an illusion? Or does
even my question make sense in a quantum world?


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