On 7/22/2012 4:29 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

    But often the "others" are unknown persons, and even if known it may be 
    to poll them.

Well, if you don't meet them the problem will not occur.

No, modern society is so interwoven that the problem does occur. My daughter is struggling with the problem now. She wants to buy a new car. On the one hand she would like a fast sporting car. But on the other hand see feels she should buy an environmentally friendly car. Either decision will affect a lot of other people - most of whom she will never meet.


The new principle just ask you to listen if they are not saying "no" (or nein, non, of make grimace that you might be able to interpret as "please don't do that").

For a group of people, democracy is based on that idea, of listening to others, through some sort of poll. Not easy, and not a panacea, but the degree zero of the political possible progresses.


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