Brent Meeker wrote on list:
*Intuition is when a seemingly true proposition pops into your head and you
aren't aware of any preceding thought process leading to it.  According to
(you?) computers are never aware of anything, so everything they produce is

Dear Brent,

to 'your' part: is an urge to find some solution one of your "thought
In speculation you may not realize the train of thoughts leading to
whatever is popping up as a solution. It may happen even WITHOUT the
urgency I mentioned.
Let us say: Just an 'idea' pops up - it may be called intuition.
If you are ordered, you may assign it to problems that occupied your mind

To 'computers': whenever a computer "produces" a result it is
algorithmically based on data IN the hardware/software (you may call it the
'awareness of the computer.)
Proper semantics of new (developing?) territories is of paramount
You are usually VERY clear on such: would your AI agree to such definition,
a suiting ID for intuition as well?
(I might have a hard time to identify intuition. The closest I may come up
to NOW is:
we may cut into peripheral 'shaving' into the limits of our knowledge (I
call that "creativity") and that may combine into existing questions as
callable 'intuition').

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