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 >But computers can only do what their programs/hardware tell them to do.

If computers only did what their programers told them to do their would be
absolutely no point in building computers because they would know what the
machines would end up doing before it even started working on the problem.
And you can't solve problems without your hardware so I don't see why you
expect a computer to.

> > To be intelligent they have to be able to make choices beyond that.

We're back to invoking that mystical word "choices" as if it solves a
philosophical absurdity. It does not.

They should  be able to beat me at poker even though they have no poker
> program.

Why?  You can't play poker if you don't know something about the game and
neither can the computer. And you can cry sour grapes all you want about
how the computer isn't "really" intelligent but it will do you no good
because at the end of the day the fact remains that the computer has won
all your money at poker and you're dead broke. I said it before I'll say it
again, if computers don't have intelligence then they have something

> Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him so
> everything could function."

And I would say "what's God's theory on how he is able to keep things

  John K Clark

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