Semiosis of the monad

This is very very speculative. I'm no mathematician.

THESIS: Somehow there ought to be a connection between 
Peirce's semiotics and Leibniz's monads. Let these
be given as forms of computation, 

a) the columns being the STAGES of computation
b) the rows being the TYPE of computation performed at that stage.

The first column represents INPUT: the perception or reading stage.
The second column represents PROCESSING : database comparisons, thinking 
The third column represents OUTPUT in various forms: 

INPUT (Column 1) (first read the entire program):

First Row:  Qualisign would be dealing with the aesthetic or feeling input
Second Row: Sinsign would be database comparisons (guesses as to outcome)
Third Row:  Legisign would be dealing with rational or reason aspects.

PROCESSING (Column 2) The second column represents types of PROCESSING (what is 
done with above) : 

First Row: Icon would deal with images (database lookup, direct comparisons)
Second Row: Index would deal with particular meanings
Third Row: Symbol would be more general categories of meaning (metaphors)

OUTPUT (Column 3)

First Row- Rheme would be an actual term or word
Second Row- Decisign would be a proposition
Third Row- Argument would be a logical conclusion
Words in parentheses in the table are alternate names for the same kinds of 
Phenomenological category:

Sign is distinguished by phenomenological
category of...1. Quality
of feeling.
Reference to
a ground. OR  

2. Reaction,
Brute fact.
Reference to
a correlate. OR 

3. Representation,
Habit, law.
Reference to
an interpretant.
(Tone, Potisign) OR SINSIGN
(Token, Actisign) OR LEGISIGN
(Type, Famisign)
II. ...the sign's way of denoting its OBJECT:ICON
(Likeness, etc.) OR INDEX
(General sign*)
III. ...the sign's way —
as represented in the INTERPRETANT —
of denoting the sign's object:RHEME
(Sumisign, Seme;
e.g., a term) OR 
(Dicent sign, Pheme;
e.g., a proposition) OR 

Roger Clough,
Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him 
so that everything could function."

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