On 9/4/2012 9:07 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

On Tuesday, September 4, 2012 8:49:45 PM UTC-4, Stephen Paul King wrote:

    On 9/4/2012 4:23 PM, Richard Ruquist wrote:
    > What struck me is that the "the USERS of wealth in directing the
    > of the country."
    > seem to be exporting jobs overseas and hiding their money there
    as well.
    > Richard

         OK, let us confiscate all capital and distribute it evenly to
    one. Then what?

then we have democracy?

No, because people always congregate into groups, it is their nature. And from there it is "Lord of the Flies" all over. It has happened many times before. Why do we never learn?

wouldn't even need to confiscate all capital, and I don't think that anyone is suggesting that. Just make hoarding wealth more expensive.

Sure! A tax credit for investing. Oh way, that already exists! It is why the investment tax is so low as it is!

Maybe follow the Scandinavian model on a trial basis for 20 years in a handful of cities.

Scandinavia is a bad place to build a model because it has a homogeneous population. Such populations behave, on average, very different from highly diverse populations. Segregation into polarized groups happens much slower in homogenous populations. You might check out the meme flow in such conditions, its amazing.





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