On Sunday, September 23, 2012 12:32:51 PM UTC-4, John Clark wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 9:10 AM, Bruno Marchal <mar...@ulb.ac.be<javascript:>
> > wrote:
> > We have very often dismissed emotion
> Nothing mysterious about emotion, its just a condition that predisposes a 
> computer or a human to behave in one way rather than another.   

That's not emotion, that's a behavioral factor. I can throw a bowling ball 
towards the left side or the right, it doesn't mean that there is an 
emotion which is magically present or necessary. To say that emotion is 
just a condition that affects behavior is so completely foreign to me, it's 
hard to even relate to. You don't see that you are already amputating 99% 
of the phenomenon from the start and then announcing casually that the 
remaining 1% is the whole thing. If I had not already been talking with you 
I would think that you are trolling me. It's like saying "the entire 
history of human speech is just way to make the vocal chords vibrate other 
people's eardrums".

> > feelings and consciousness in human. 
> Unfortunately that is not true for philosophers, they don't dismiss 
> consciousness in humans, in fact that's just about the only thing they want 
> to talk about despite the fact that such talk has never once produced 
> anything of value.

ALL science comes from philosophy and nowhere else. Science is a special 
case of philosophy. Not that philosophy isn't annoying, but really 
philosophy has literally produced everything of value in human civilization 
- which is why it is held in such high esteem throughout history.

> However philosophers are reluctant to talk about intelligence in humans, 
> even though the subject has proven to be much more fruitful, because its 
> also much harder, and unlike a bullshit consciousness theory a bullshit 
> intelligence theory is easy to shoot down because you can see with your own 
> eyes that it just doesn't work, and that takes all the fun out of 
> theorizing. 

"Blah blah, people who don't think exactly like me are stupid liars and 
worthless and their lives are worthless blah blah why am I cursed with 
their presence, blah blah ego, arrogance, ignorance."

> Another advantage is that to become a consciousness theorist you really 
> don't need to know anything, a grade school education is more than enough, 
> but it takes years of study before you can even begin to figure out how 
> intelligence works, with consciousness you can start producing hot air 
> immediately and to some that's more fun.

(see previous)

> So philosophers continue to blather on and on about consciousness and, 
> having abandoned the subject, the study of intelligence has been left to 
> computer scientists, programers, mathematicians and neurologists. 

...and the peer-reviewed echo chamber expands forever, generating ever more 
inscrutable documents understandable only to tiny incestuous groups of 
ultra-specialists. The End.


>   John K Clark  

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