John Clark at least will appreciate this.  :-)

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But today I’m presenting something else: a real Sokal-style hoax that
Boudry has perpetrated. He informed me yesterday that he had submitted
a fake, post-modernish and Sophisticated-Theological™ abstract to two
theology conferences:

"By the way, I thought you might find this funny. I wrote a spoof
abstract full of theological gibberish (Sokal-style) and submitted it
to two theology conferences, both of which accepted it right away. It
got into the proceedings of the Reformational Philosophy conference.
See Robert A. Maundy (an anagram of my name) on p. 22 of the program

The comments are worth reading too.


And there is a most excellent review/refutation of Plantinga's "Where the Conflict Really Lies" by Boudry here (I notice he credits Yonatan Fishman among others):

Here's a snippet:

"In much of what passes as sophisticated theology these days, the term ‘God’ does no explanatory work at all, but functions as an intellectual vanishing point, a bundle of all explanatory loose ends. God is simply equated with the uncaused cause, the ground of all being, as that-which-does-notrequire-


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