On 9/30/2012 4:31 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:


However, the concrete  abstract seems very promising for a theologian.
It is clear that Boudry know the concepts that he manage. His abstract
is a piece of cake, it is a "I solved the Teologian problem of our
time!" . It is not pure gibberish.

Remenber that the Sokal affair was around a complete article, not an

Boudry also wrote a complete aritcle, which was published. You can follow the link and read it, if you'r so inclined.


I know that a great number of hoax papers are submitted and
accepted in scientific press.Many of them are not for joking purposes,
but for people that want relevance, fame and money. This hasnĀ“t  to
undermine hard sciences. ( Not in the case of modern cultural and
gender studies  that are pure indoctrination )

In my particular case, I worked in European I+D projects where
subsidies depended on the imagination, the length of the documents and
the appropriate use of buzzwords.


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