On 30 Sep 2012, at 15:54, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

And if you think that weels are superior, NS invented it, because the invertor of the weel was a product of natural selection. Even your feeling of superiority of the weel and the very feeling of superiority of reason is a product of natural selection. The claim of superiority of reason over nature is the last vestige of unjustified antropocentrism in its most dangerous form: Pride and self worship.

Good point.

And today, those who get the real power on this planet are still the bacteria. We need them. The vast majority doesn't need us, except, well many but still a minority which lives with us. Strictly speaking those bacteria are as modern as us, as leaves of the fourth dimensional life structure of this planet. But all this might be the result of something more simple, a bit like z := z^2 + c iterations in the complex plane.



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