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> I explained in a post above why evolution does not select weels. An
> autonomous living being must be topologically connected, and weels are not.

Explaining why Evolution is incompetent does not make it one bit less

> No autonomous robot with weels can work for long time without supoort.

And a biological organism can not work for a long time period. Everything
dies.  And the Laxey Water Wheel won't last forever either but it was built
in 1854 and still works fine. And John Harrison's big wooden clock at
Brocklesby Park contains lots and lots of wheels, it was built in 1722,
needs virtually no maintenance and works beautifully to this day.

> >> Evolution does not work in the rarefied realm of pure mathematics it
>> works in the physical world, and as near as we can tell in physics there is
>> not a infinite number of anything.
>Evolution works with the computer of all reality

Evolution works with physical reality and as I said physics has not found a
infinite number of anything.

 > It is massivelly parallel.


> it has the maximum paralellism that may be achieved

Bullshit. Evolution isn't the maximum of anything and never produces the
perfect solution to a problem, it just produces a solution; and then a few
years or maybe a few million years later it produces a solution that is a
little bit better but still very far from perfect.

>> Just look at the cells of the retina of the eye of any vertebrate
>> animal, the blood vessels that feed those cells and the nerves that
>> communicate with them aren’t in the back of the eye as would be logical but
>> at the front, so light must pass through them before the light hits the
>> light sensitive cells, this makes vision less sharp than it would otherwise
>> be and creates a blind spot right in the middle of the visual field. No
>> amount of spin can turn this dopey mess into a good design, a human
>> engineer would have to be drunk to come up with a hodgepodge like that.
> >  This desing is better  because it permits the eye to rotate.

How the hell does the nutrient support pipeline and communication cable
coming out of the front of the eye where it interferes with the light make
an eye easier to rotate than if all that support machinery were out of the
way and came out the back?? And a invertebrate like a squid which has all
the eyes plumbing and nerves at the back as anybody can see they should be
can move its eyes in ways that we can not. If we turn our head sideways our
eyes do too, but a squid can keep its eyes horizontal if it wants to.

And the eye is far from the only example of Evolutionary incompetence. The
vagus nerve connects the brain to the larynx, in a giraffe the two organs
are less than a foot apart, but the vagus nerve is more than 15 feet long,
it runs all the way down the neck and then double backs and goes back up
the neck to the larynx; no human designer would be that stupid.

> evolution does not work by modofying the best design every time. tha´ts
> wrong.

Yes that's wrong and it's wrong for two reasons:
1) Evolution never ever works with the best design.
2) Even if it did there would be no need to modify it because its already
the best design.

> > He works with all variations that the genetic code can produce.

BULLSHIT!! Evolution hasn't even come close to investigating all variations
that the genetic code can produce! The human genome has 3.2 billion base
pairs, there are 4 bases so that means there are 4^3,200,000,000 variations
of the human genetic code; by means of comparison, there are only about
4^90 atoms in the observable universe, calling that number astronomically
smaller doesn't do it justice but it's the best word I could come up with.
So there must be potential humans being that would be superior to any that
has ever been born using any criteria for superior you care to name.

  John K Clark

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