On 07 Oct 2012, at 14:44, Roger Clough wrote: 

> Hi Evgenii Rudnyi 
> I know that, but his theory of electromagnetism is a physical theory, 
> even if it's hard to pin down the extension property. 
> Physical theories can tell us nothing about philosophy or mind or God, 
> since they cannot deal with meaning. Physics is meaningless. 

BRUNO:  This is not necessarily the case, as physics is Turing universal. The  
problem is that physics has to be derived from comp. 



ROGER: You might be able to derive physics from comp. But physics
can only deal with the extended (objects in spacetime) and anything 
extended cannot deal with meaning, mind or philosophy or thought, 
since these are outside of spacetime, because inextended.

Anything extended is an object, can only be treated objectively. 
Because anything extended is in spacetime, while consciousnes and mind,
being inextended must be subjective (are outside of spacetime),
.In short:

extended= objective = in spacetime= contingent= cannot be necessary
inextended = subjective = outside of spacetime= can be sometimes necessary, 
sometimes contingent

Also, however, now I see that Universal Turing machines can simulate 
which all that you want.  But it is impossible to prove that anything that
simulates consciousness is actually conscious.  ignorance. 

- Roger

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