The Peirce-Leibniz triads Ver.1  

This will need some clearing up later, but I have to write down what
I think I know in order to understand it. Help and comments are appreciated.

It appears that Peirce's three categories match the Leibniz monadic structures

as follows:

I. = object = Leibniz substance = quale

II. Secondness = sign = monad representing that substance.
    In Peirce, the sign is a word for the experience of that object .
    In Leibniz, the monads are mental, which I think means subjective.

III. Thirdness = interprant (meaning of I and II ) = by the monad of monads.

In addition to this, Peirce says that his categories are "predicates of 
where the first predicate (dog) is extensive and the second predicate (brown) 
is intensive.
then the overall object might be animal-->dog-->brown.
Leibniz says that a monad is a complete concept, meaning all of the possible

I suggest that the first or extensive predicate (dog) is objective 
and the second predicate (brown) is qualitative or subjective.
So that the object as per ceived is a quale or Firstness.

Roger Clough, 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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