Peirce's Categories (technical name: the cenopythagorean 
categories)[8]Name:Typical characterizaton:As universe of experience:As 
quantity:Technical definition:Valence, "adicity":
Firstness.[9]Quality of feeling.Ideas, chance, possibility.Vagueness, 
"some".Reference to a ground (a ground is a pure abstraction of a 
quality).[10]Essentially monadic (the quale, in the sense of the such,[11] 
which has the quality).
Secondness.[12]Reaction, resistance, (dyadic) relation.Brute facts, 
actuality.Singularity, discreteness, “this”.Reference to a correlate (by its 
relate).Essentially dyadic (the relate and the correlate).
Thirdness.[13]Representation, mediation.Habits, laws, necessity.Generality, 
continuity, "all".Reference to an interpretant*.Essentially triadic (sign, 
object, interpretant*).

Roger Clough,
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

These categories are the stages of epistemology.

Firstness is the pure quale or what I would call "inner raw experience". 
Subjective. Private. Personal.

Secondness is dyadic relation, typical of thinking,which is an activity of 
    The dyad seems to be to me between Firstness and Thirdness.

Thirdness is the objective form of the quale, a description for the experience 
of Firstness.  Objective. Public. 

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