I propose this simple, counter-COMP truth:

Without something to enumerate, numbers are meaningless.

Two plus two does not 'equal' anything without a fairly extensive list of a 
priori meta-artihmetic conditions. As far as I can tell, for two plus two 
to equal something, there must be:

Cause and effect
An experience of counting
A rigid reference body of equivalences
Functional phase spaces which are in some sense independent of the 
reference body
A semiotic phase locking function which relates specific functions to the 
supreme ultimate reference body
Something which experiences the function as meaningful
A capacity for participation in experience
A capacity to direct and control experience, i.e. to cause some function to 
be enacted as a consequence of another
Reliable memory to switch between functions
Storage for isolating currently enacted functions from accumulations of 
sets of tacit functional results.

Lots of things.
In short, in order to have computation, you need... a computer. 

The items on this list all supervene on sense. The capacity to detect and 
project signal. Computation is a way of using signals to refer to other 
signals - figuratively. They are figures. Quantification is a way of 
bundling things with other things, but virtually, not literally. There is 
no actual bundling unless there is some *thing* doing the computing that 
some *thing* cares about.

Does a thing have to be a material object? Our imagination suggests that it 
does not, although the capacity to imagine is associated with living cells. 
We have no experience however with things which are neither physical 
objects, subjective experiences, or subjective experiences of physical 
instruments interacting with physical objects. There is no experience of 
math existing ab initio.

This correlates with our cosmological investigations as well. Contrary to 
what we should expect from an inevitable multiverse of every possible 
combination of universes, our universe exhibits a distinct lack of 
unexplained chaos. It is one thing to expect that we would naturally find 
ourselves in one of the many universes which supports our existence, but it 
is another thing to extend that to the point that we find ourselves also in 
one of the universes which makes sense wherever we look, all of the time. 
If anything, the exhaustively granular orderliness of the cosmos defies the 
imagination, with each particle of sand requiring a team of trillions of 
lucky monkeys to have typed out the right string of ontological 
meta-characters, while at the same time synchronizing effortlessly with 
global, local, and regional harmonies of order. If all of this happens 
without sense, without anything making sense, then it seems infinitely 
unlikely that beings such as ourselves who require sense to navigate our 
own lives should exist, and exist in such a natural and seamless way to the 
rest of the unconscious universal mechanism.

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