To borrow a couple of playing pieces from kant, 
two basic , or the two basic, pieces of
pre-existence in spacetime are the intuitions
time and space.  I think these are more
useful than numbers because things are
actually made of them. 

Perhaps these are 0 (yin) and 1 (yang) or perhaps
they are yang (time)  and yin (space).
By themselves nothing, but everything is
constructed of them (brought into spacetime). 

There are 8 basic trigrams in the yi.
Reading that right to left is upward we have:

111 = father or heaven or energy
000 = mother or earth or container
011 = daughter or bubbing laughter 
001 = thunder or anger
100 = mountain or halting

etc. so that snippets of binary sequences can have meaning.

Another way of stating this is that perhaps the only the binary 0 and 1
may be used to construct ideas. But the other numbers can
be expressed in binary form.

Roger Clough, 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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