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Vaguely interesting, until this point

> The reason why Lamarkism is not
> true is more a factual consequence of the defeat of the USSR than a direct
> consequence of scientific debate. It may be said that lisenko Lamarkism was
> disastrous because ti contributed to the defeat of the USSR. But had the
> USSR won the cold war, we would accept the scientific truth of lamarkism,
> since socialism would have been sucessful and lamarkism is the only
> coherent evolutionary theory compatible with marxism, and darwinism is not.
> It would be far more painful and long term to convince people to get rid of
> it .

Lamarckism is just plain wrong in the biological setting. To suggest
otherwise, as you do here, is utter relativistic post-modernist
nonsense. That Lysenko got such a favourable hearing in the Soviet
Union is a reminder just how fallible human institutions are, and a
clear smell of what goes wrong in totalitarian states.

As for compatibility with Marxism, Marxism is a theory of cultural
evolution (to the extent is evolutionary at all). Cultural evolution
is inherently Lamarckian anyway (in total contrast to biological
evolution), and is considered by some as the reason why cultural
evolution runs many times faster than biological evolution.



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