I have tried to post this several times.  It appears I am again having
issues with my email software.  I am sorry if it eventually posts
multiple times.

Hi John and Russell:

As far as I know all the “Laws of Physics” are based on observation
and are absent closed form proof.

Given the data I have seen, resource consumption and real GDP follow
similar size trajectories.  Twenty or more years ago I played with
ideas on how they [using quality of life experience for which real GDP
would be a reasonable proxy] might be decoupled to the benefit of
species survival .   This included consideration of what I now call
pAP1.  Recently I had reason to resurrect these old unpublished
writings.   Review of these writings, conversations  with  associates
and the vantage point of 20 more years of observation have caused me
to believe that pAP1 has a global and unbreakable hold on human
behavior.   I believe even outliers such as survivalists if subjected
to accurate energy flow analysis would be shown to be fully in its
grasp. The consequences of this would be rather unpleasant as I
indicated and Russell appears to support.   Thus my recent posts
looking for a falsification of pAP1.  [I am  currently rewriting the
early post to improve clarity.]

John: I think my response to Stephen re his “finite resolution…”
responds to your post also.


AFAIK, there is no requirement for resource consumption to be
proportional to GDP. So it should be possible to save the economy
without wrecking the planet.

But yes, ultimately life will have to move on from H. Sapiens...

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