Sheldrake's morphic resonance is based on observations such as this:
repeated operations by people doing the same times crossword puzzle cause 
subsequent solving of the puzzle later in the day easier.

This is ridiculed by scientists.

But IMHO morphic resonance could be understood as modification of random 
(on a platonic or Leibnizian shared mental plane) subjected to a lawful 
such as is found in natural selection through evolution 

As an explanation, consider this analogy. They've put hidden optical speed 
on my neighborhood streets to slow down traffic. If you don't see the 
detectors and speed through, the detectors will flash photo your license 
plate and electronically issue you a speed ticket. Gradually everybody 
tends to slow down to meet the legal speed limit.

A wild speculation is perhaps quantum mechanics behavior gradually
adapts to einstein behavior in such a way.

[Roger Clough], [rclo...@verizon.net]
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." - Woody Allen

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