On 1/27/2013 10:04 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

On Sunday, January 27, 2013 12:46:13 AM UTC-5, Stephen Paul King wrote:

    On 1/27/2013 12:39 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

    On Saturday, January 26, 2013 11:15:54 PM UTC-5, Stephen Paul
    King wrote:

        On 1/26/2013 9:52 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
        > If you are born in bondage to a powerful social system, how
        are you
        > going to defend yourself? It's not even about defense, it's
        about an
        > economic control. If the only way to make enough money to
        avoid being
        > in perpetual debt is to already be wealthy, then how are
        you going to
        > 'defend yourself'?



             You where saying?

    So the debt increased around three times as much under
    Republicans than under Democrats since Carter. Not that I think
    the Democrats are so great, I just find it interesting that to me
    the only possible appeal of Republican politics is economic, but
    their policies seem to have the worst economic effects.

    When you have an economic catastrophe on the scale of the 1930's
    or 2000's, the government has to ring up a huge amount of debt
    one way or another to make up for all of the money that the banks
    stole to prevent social collapse. These market abuses are the
    fault of Dems as well as Reps, but certainly it seems like the
    professed positions of the Reps, toward market deregulation, are
    to be avoided going forward if we don't want to repeat the cycle


        LOL, I am not going to defend any administration. Only
    Governments can print and issue money... Hi, fellow debt slaves.

Do most people owe their debt to the government or to private banks? Hello 30 year fixed and 19% interest credit cards.

Mortgage: "from Old French morgage (13c.), mort gaige, lit. "dead pledge" (replaced in modern Frech by hypothèque), from mort "dead" (see mortal (adj.)) + gage "pledge" (see wage (n.)). So called because the deal dies either when the debt is paid or when payment fails. Old French mort is from Vulgar Latin *mortus "dead," from Latin mortuus, pp. of mori "to die" "

Governments issue made up money to banks. Banks issue real life enforceable debts to the servants. When banks pocket all of the money instead of loaning it out, the gov gives them more. When people default on their loans to the bank, it is treated as a crime.


A government can cancel all debts held by banks and can tax and increase interests rates or anything else it desires modulo the ability of the people to do something about it. The power to destroy is the power to control, this absolves banks ultimately. But this has diverged from the topic a bit. It is people that make up banks and governments and corporations, and it is people that are responsible as only they have free will. Collecting subsets of people into different groups is a nice way to absolve one group of people of blame. What I really what to know is: what motivates the need to find oppression?



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