Hi John,


"Nelson doesn't rule out the possibility that other psychological or
spiritual factors may also play a role. "I'm interested in how this
experience is generated. That's as far as I take it," says Nelson. As
to the ultimate meaning of these experiences, he will leave that
question for others to answer."

This succint report, by the way, describes a less rigorous experience
than the one described in PLoS and is a bit less cautious in the final
paragraph than the PLoS one. Who would have thunk?

I don't like bets, by the way. I'd feel bed about losing money and I'd
feel bad about taking your money. Believe it or not.

Full disclosure: I had what could be considered a NDE once. Nothing
supernatural about it, no lights, nothing flashing before my eyes.

A friend of mine was giving me a ride home late at night and the car
lost control on a tight curve. We had a frontal collision against a
car on the opposite lane. Thankfully we wer both driving slow so the
airbags saved everybody. I lost consciousness (maybe :) for 30 secs
and woke to a strong smell of sulphur -- I imagine from the
pyrotechnics that inflate the airbags. And a sore neck.

The interesting part is the second before the collision. I was 100%
sure I was going to die. I did not panik nor did I feel sadness or
fear. I felt a calm realisation: "oh, so this is how I die". It was
extremely peaceful and a bit psychedelic, in that everything felt like
a big cosmic joke. Not a "haha funny" joke, but a joke nevertheless.

This has no scientific value, of course. It was an interesting 1p
experience that changed my outlook on death for the best. I now
consider it a strongly positive experience in my life because I fear
death less. I still fear suffering though. I hope my real death turns
out to be something of that sort.


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