On Friday, April 19, 2013 4:26:02 AM UTC-4, Alberto G.Corona wrote:
> Craig,
> Have you discussed about this? It seems that it is in your line of though:
> http://kwelos.tripod.com/anthropism.htm
> http://biocentricity.net/

Thanks Alberto,

I don't think that I've talked about biocentricity here but I am familiar 
with it. 

Hadn't heard of the Participatory Antrhopic Principle before, but Wheeler's 
theories have come up several times as seeming similar to my own.

Where both of them overlap is in the assumption that inorganic matter does 
not represent a participatory experience, which I think is true locally but 
not absolutely. From our frame of reference, inorganic matter exists in 
frame of reference that is both so large and slow and so small and fast, in 
which the aesthetic divide between choice and chance is so indiscernible, 
that indeed it has no significance to our own experience. It cannot matter 
to us what matter feels, only what it does.

So yes, without this understanding about perceptual relativity and how 
aesthetic qualites are bled out in unfamiliar or distant frames of 
experience, then I could see where it would make sense to elevate biology 
and participation above the assumed inertness of the background universe, 
but it is unnecessary when we recognize that foreground-background 
relations themselves can only emerge from sense, not from nonsense motors. 
Wheeler's intuition about participation is on the right track, but without 
the assumption of nonsense motors, there is no need for a primordial 
unconscious multiverse. Unconsciousness is an idea within biology. The 
anthropic part is really the fact that biological organisms are presented 
with this false idea in order to make their own experience seem more 
significant. Life is defined in large part by the aesthetic of the dread of 
its absence. It isn't a false idea locally, but from an absolute 
perspective, there can be no absence of experience - participatory 
experience is all that can ever be.


> -- 
> Alberto. 

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