The Liz's episode is sad indeed:

p. 352 "Ten weeks later on July 11, in Hawaii, a few days after her 39th birthday, Liz succeed in killing herself with an overdose of sleeping pills.

She left a note, that read, in part:

'Funeral requests: I prefer no church stuff. Please burn me and DON'T FILE ME(:. Please sprinkle me in some nice body of water ... or the garbage, maybe that way I'll end up in the correct parallel universe to meet up w/Daddy'."

Compare with

p. 347 "Nancy kept his [Hugh Everett III] ashes in an urn inside a filing cabinet in the dining room for a few years. Then, one day, in accordance with his express wishes, she tossed the cremains into a garbage can."

Yet, the death of Liz seems to be unrelated to the Many World Theory. This is probably the consequence of her education at Everett's house.

p. 339 "But Liz and Mark were largely unsupervised - allowed to drink, smoke dope, and have sex with friends at home. The were not chastised or put on restriction or given the limits that children need to learn who they are. ... By her late teens, Liz was a full-blown mess. Manic-depressive, she turned to sex, alcohol, and a variety of drugs - from LSD and pot to cocaine and heroin - to kill the pain of being alive."


On 29.06.2013 15:20 said the following:

It was sad about his daughter, determined to follow her father to
whatever world awaits. But, Everett himself had a good way
emotionally, of battling death anxiety. His daughter as you've
already read, suffered from schitzophrenia, and cut out of this
version of planet earth, way too early. Jacque Mallah who used to
post to this list, wrote a paper against quantum immortality,
probably, as a message to prevent suicides?


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Quote from Peter Byrne, The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III:
Multiple niverses, Mutual Assured Destruction, and the Meltdown of a
Nuclear Family p. 25 Nancy about Everett: "This is a guy who at the
tender age of 12 rote a letter to Albert Einstein, and received a
reply! I think his mom K.K. may have influenced him [to write that
letter]". p. 26 "Everett long lost letter to Albert Einstein
apparently claimed to ave solved the paradox of what happens when an
irresistible force meet n immoveable object. Nance thought he had
written it as a 'hoax', to ee if he could fool the great man.
Graciously, Einstein wrote back on une 11, 1943, 'There is no such
thing like an irresistible force and immoveable body. ut there seems
to be  a very stubborn boy who has forced his way ictoriously through
strange difficulties created by himself for this urpose.'"

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