Evgeniy, - this is not my table. Not that I disagree with Everett in his
MWI of SIMILAR (identical) universes: I do. My MWI consists of
*universes*(complexities, in MY 'Plenitude'-narrative - what I never
called 'theory')
by occasionally found ingredients with uncontrolled qualia -
haphazardously, I almost said 'random' (what I always evade) so those
universes are of diverse complexity (composition) and built.
Furthermore: It is the setup of treating cremational ASHES as pertinent to
the person that was. I.e.: to his BODY only.

A person is a complexity that dissipates at - what we call - death. Not to
ashes (material body) and not necessarily entirely. Complexity-parts
(whatever they may be) MAY join surviving other complexities so as to be
able to exercise SOME of their earlier functionalities - (adjusted?) within
the overall new host-complexity.
This is in my NARRATIVE (belief system). So the 'ashes' of a body (or the
excrement of the scavengers) have little to do with the 'person' that was.
It may be a fetish for the gullible.

And here is the best story about ashes:
A young lady invites a young man for a drink, leaves him in the living room
while she goes out to prepare the drinks. The young man looks around and on
the mantelpiece kips over a cute little urn: ashes fall out. He carefully
cleans them back and when the girl comes in, totally remorsefully confesses
to what he committed. The young lady is smiling: "Never mind, these are the
ashes of my father" - upon which the young man almost dies in shame. She
continues: - "You know, Mummy dislikes when Daddy smokes, so when he lights
up, he puts the ashes into that urn so Mummy does not see them." -


On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 3:17 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi <use...@rudnyi.ru> wrote:

> Quote from Peter Byrne, The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III: Multiple
> Universes, Mutual Assured Destruction, and the Meltdown of a Nuclear Family
> p. 25 Nancy about Everett: "This is a guy who at the tender age of 12
> wrote a letter to Albert Einstein, and received a reply! I think his mom -
> K.K. may have influenced him [to write that letter]".
> p. 26 "Everett long lost letter to Albert Einstein apparently claimed to
> have solved the paradox of what happens when an irresistible force meet an
> immoveable object. Nance thought he had written it as a 'hoax', to see if
> he could fool the great man. Graciously, Einstein wrote back on June 11,
> 1943,
> 'There is no such thing like an irresistible force and immoveable body.
> But there seems to be  a very stubborn boy who has forced his way
> victoriously through strange difficulties created by himself for this
> purpose.'"
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