On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 03:36:26PM -0400, Roger Clough wrote:
> Alfred Russell Wallace developed a theory of evolution about the same 
> time as Darwin, but his model allowed for Aristotle"end causation", 
> meaning goal-directed change. 
> To the Darwinian materialists of the time, this smacked of the 
> hand of God controlling evolution, so Wallace's theory
> was generally ignored. 
> But goal-directed change is another term for the 2nd Law 
> of Thermodynamics, which holds that energy tends to flow downhill.
> This means goal-directed  or "end-caused" action,
> so that it makes no sense to say that evolution is
> merely the product of efficient causes, but -- if I may say so-
> is also guided by a larger hand, that of God or entropy.

Nobody in their right mind would think of the 2nd law as being "goal
directed" (teleos). The second law is about increasing disorder -
surely the opposite of any goal directed process.


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